Jet master can provide you best and high quality vacuum cleaner accessories Singapore. Use the circular mud brush attachment and begin at the ceiling. you’ll ought to add Associate in Nursing extension to your attachment or use a stool or little ladder so as to achieve higher surfaces. Work your manner down from ceiling to floor in an exceedingly vertical motion as you vacuum. Components of a vacuum are: Associate in Nursing intake port, Associate in Nursing exhaust port, an electrical motor, a fan, a filter and a mud compartment. Vacuum cleaners work as a result of Bernoulli’s Principle, that states that because the speed of air will increase, the pressure decreases. Air will always flow from a high-pressure area to a low-pressure area, to try to balance out the pressure. Get vacuum cleaner accessories Singapore with reasonable and affordable price contact us today.

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this image depicts accessories of Jetmaster vacuum cleaner
this image depicts accessories of Jetmaster JMV220-70 vacuum cleaner