Relationship between Hose Length & Pump Pressure

20/02/2023 Blog

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Pump Pressure Vs Hose Length

Jetmaster Hose

How does it affect?

A plunger pump works by using a reciprocating plunger to move water through the pump and into the outlet hose. The pressure at the outlet of the pump is determined by the amount of force the plunger can generate, and this force can be affected by the length of the outlet hose.

Your length matters

When a plunger pump is pumping water through a longer hose, there is more resistance to the flow of water, which can cause a decrease in the pressure at the outlet. This is due to the frictional losses in the hose, which increase as the length of the hose increases. The pump must work harder to overcome the resistance created by the longer hose, which can result in a lower pressure output.


In addition, the diameter of the hose can also affect the pressure. A smaller diameter hose will have a greater resistance to flow than a larger diameter hose, which can cause a drop in pressure.

So, to maintain a specific pump pressure, it’s important to consider the length and diameter of the hose being used. A shorter and wider diameter hose will cause less resistance and maintain a higher pump pressure, while a longer and narrower diameter hose will cause more resistance and result in a lower pump pressure.