High Pressure Water System

JM17.1500CD & JM23.1000CD (Industrial Heavy duty – with Diesel Engine)

1000 & 1500 Bar Series

This model machine cleaner is specially assemble according to stringent industry standard, this diesel engine driven models are specifically made for specific application that has a pressure range of up to 1500 bar (16000 PSI), flow rate up to 23L/min, which features a most common construction for the market requirements.


Jetmaster started as a high water pressure cleaning equipment imported from Italy catering to most household cleaning applications. Continuous collaboration with Italian manufacturer on product improvements, the Brand slowly diversified into commercial cleaning application.

The Brand’s intention to manage the supply chain more effectively and economically leads to some parts being manufactured at lower-cost facilities in the Far East. Product Development Functions continue to
be located in Italy and Singapore – Being more advanced economy with higher education research personals to ensure high product quality control, part of the assembly is located in Singapore. This also helps to ensure the manufacturing process with advanced technology is closely observed by the higher educated Singapore workforce.

The brand has since been well received in the market. It is the intention of the company to further extend the product line of high-pressure water cleaner to heavy-duty cleaning equipment incorporating eco-friendly technology with minimum energy and water consumption to suit every industry’s cleaning needs. The company has initiated R & D for cleaning suitable for Oil & Gas, marine as well as offshore and shipbuilding industries.

We envisage our range of products will meet every cleaning needs in the near future, at the same time fulfill our corporate social responsibility in environmental conservation for the world.



  • High efficient method of cleaning
  • Flexible – clean walls, floors and a range of other surfaces
  • Well suited for cleaning a large surface area
  • Able to clean hard to reach locations
  • No damage or deformation to the surface being cleaned


  • Marine/Shipping company
  • Cleaning contractor
  • Manufacturing factory
  • Construction site
  • Car wash company



Plastic Trolley JM17.1500CD JM23.1000CD
Output Flow Rate L/min 17 23
Max Output Pressure Bar 1500 1000
Output Power (Diesel Engine) kW 60 60
Approx. Weight Kg 800 800