Which accessories are compatible with my machine?
You can find out which accessories match your machine by checking your operating instructions or our website. Please note: devices from the Home & Garden range are not compatible with machines from the Professional range.

Where can I find information/operation instructions?
You can refer the information and operation instruction from our Youtube channel and Facebook page.

What is the repairs procedure of Jetmaster?
User need to call in to our customer services and we will get the customer to send in their pump. After that, our technician will open and check the pump then proceed a service report to pass to our salesperson. Our salesperson in charge will be indoor support and base on the duty roster. The in-charged person will call the user to explain and quote accordingly. User will decide whether to repair or not. If the user wants to repair all the billing will under cash term.

What can a claim be made under the warranty?
Even the pump is under warranty, the procedure of checking by the technician is still carry on as usual. Report given by the technician to conclude the problem really belongs to the manufacturing defect.

Where can I purchase spare parts?
User can ask for spare parts from our services partners or contact us.

What is the warranty?
Users should provide some proof to ensure your pump is bought from our company or our dealers such as the serial number or bill. The serial number will statue on the pump.

How much water does the pressure washer need?
Depending on the model, Jetmaster pressure washers for private use have a flow rate of between 300 and 600 l/h (around 3,500 liters of water flow through a garden hose every hour). Pressure washers are therefore easy on your budget as well as the environment.

Does quicker cleaning also save water?
In a pressure washer, an electrically powered pump raises the water pressure many times over to up to 150 bar. With this pressure, the water is conveyed through the high-pressure hose to a lance, where it is ejected as a sharp, concentrated jet from a nozzle, creating enormous cleaning power. If the spray gun is not activated, the pump will switch off automatically. A pressure washer allows you to carry out your cleaning tasks even more quickly than with conventional methods while also using less water.

Can the device draw water from the water butt?
Yes. Attach the suction hose to the water infeed on the device. Insert the other end into the water butt. Connect the high-pressure hose to the device. Before switching on the device, remove the steel pipe from the spray gun. Press the lever on the spray gun so that this is open and switch the device on. This will allow the air inside the device to escape gently as the pressure washer starts to draw in the water. The device should not be any more than 0.5 m above the point of use.

Can the pressure washer also be used to clean the surface of car?

  • Simply spray the vehicle down with high pressure to remove coarse dirt.
  • You can also use a wash brush.

Can I use any cleaning agent?
Jetmater cleaning agents are specially formulated for our devices. Your warranty will no longer be valid if you use cleaning agents other than those supplied by Jetmaster.

What should I do if the device is not building up pressure?

  • Connect the device to the water supply and turn on the tap.
  • Remove the filter from the water inlet and clean it.
  • Switch the pressure washer on without the steel pipe and allow it to run until there is no more air coming out of the spray gun.
  • Check whether you are using the right accessories.
  • If the pressure and suction valves are leaking and there is water coming out of the casing, or if the device is throbbing, please consult one of our services partners or contact us directly.
  • If the overflow valve is stuck, please consult one of our services partners or contact us directly.

What should I do if the device goes off sputters?

  • Clean the nozzle insert.
  • Check if you are using the right nozzle.
  • Check if there is enough water coming out.

What should I do if the motor doesn't start?

  • Check the power supply and mains fuse.
  • Check the main switch and spray gun.

In the following cases, please consult one of our service partners or contact us directly:

  • The pressure switch or control pistons are stuck
  • The motor is overheating
  • The main switch is faulty

What should I do if the pressure washer is leaking water or oil?
Please consult one of our service partners or contact us directly.

What should I do if the suction turbine is not working?
Check the fuse and power outlet. If necessary, consult one of our service partners or contact us directly

What should I do if there is a loss of suction power?

  • Remove any blockages from the suction nozzle, suction pipe, handle and suction hose.
  • Replace the paper filter bag.
  • Replace the seals.